Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jennifer Cruise's Tell Me Lies -- okay... Your book was ahh mazin

Well she asked for a lie... in truth, this book was just sorta "meh" for me.

Hi Readers!

I didn't forget aboutcha - just been stuck in the whirlpool of seemingly endless wedding planning! But I thought I would throw out a wee post here to keep in touch.

Tell Me Lies by Jennifer Cruise is basically the story Maddie Faraday, a woman who living in the town of Frog Point, thinking she has the perfect (albeit boring) life till she finds out her husband is embezzling funds from the family construction business... and possibly cheating on her with one, maybe two women. Around the same time,  another guy she hasn't seen since high school (also happens to be the guy she lost her virginity to) comes back into town as her marriage seems to be falling apart - and apparently he's aged very nicely.

Lots of plot points that you'd find in your average Dateline special - embezzlement, murder, possible kidnapping, town gossip, ill-timed romance... and of course a secret deposit box discovered too late.  Maddie finds her husband has been stashing money all over the place - his golf back, her car, her deposit box - but the mystery is is it him or is someone setting him up? All Maddie knows is she's found passports and flight tickets for Rio de Janiero (sooo cliche!). Even if he is innocent of the embezzlement, let's say, he does something else that I have no tolerance for that instantly makes any such guy an automatic permanent loser. 

Sugarloaf Mountain, Guanabara Bay
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Maddie self medicates her woes with brownies and sex -- not with her slimy schemer of a husband btw --  (don't know too many problems that combo won't fix or at least distract you enough to forget for awhile ;-) )

I think my biggest problem with this book was that everything felt so cliche and overused to me - it was a story I've read or seen on tv dozens of times before (in one form or another). That and Cruise's weird insistence on using the word "underpants" when talking about seducing men in these novels! Sorry but that word couldn't be less sexy for me - I instantly get images of Depends packages! Ugh!

So here ya go readers --- go splurge on some non-underpants ...

Keep reading... even if it's bad... always tell yourself the next one's bound to be better and it will be... eventually :-P

Soo in my humble opinion -- not so good book, but great apropo song! (You're welcome for the blast from the past)...